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Investment insight: inside the EM currency comeback

Citywire Investment Research takes a closer look at how the developing world appears to be turning the tables after four torrid years.

Debt dilemmas: Fed fears and Draghi’s drugs narrow field for yield

Citywire traveled to the west coast of the USA to speak to a host of top fixed income portfolio managers about their hopes and fears for the bond market.

Don’t panic! Pimco and co play down risk of recession... in 2016

With yields down significantly and equities off to a rocky start in 2016, concerns have grown that another recession may be on the way. Are these fears valid?

Trump cards: how top PMs are playing political risk

Citywire travelled to the west coast of the USA to find out how some of country's top portfolio managers were positioned for fallouts from the US election and Brexit.

Investment comment: under the skin of the US HY hardship

VIDEO: Our deputy head of investment research, Frank Talbot, on the impact of Fed action and the struggles facing the bond sector as a whole.

Investment comment: why I’m not worried about First State

Citywire deputy head of research Frank Talbot explains why there is no need to panic over news Angus Tulloch and Jonathan Asante are stepping back from their funds.

Citywire Group Ratings: PIMCO still top dog despite Gross exit

Bond house rises to the top of the platinum rankings in Citywire’s latest look at the best-performing fund firms this month.

Worst is over for China's banks, says Fidelity Asia veteran

Veteran Asian investor Allan Liu thinks the liquidity squeeze is easing for China's banks and China's value plays could reassert themselves after a difficult run.

Citywire 1000: best of the best in US equities

Delving through Citywire's guide to the world's best fund managers we identify five stand-out performers in one of the toughest markets to crack.